Stop pushing, start pulling: 3 ways to make things happen

To succeed in the corporate world you need a reputation for getting things done. And we all know that making things happen requires effort – sometimes you’ve got to give it your all until you’re ‘over the line’.

But have you ever noticed that pushing too hard can sometimes back-fire? Pushing the wrong people in the wrong way will get you a reputation and not the kind you are after.

It turns out there’s a real art to knowing when to push, when to pull and when to back the hell off. And to make things even more complicated, where the line is drawn depends on the culture of the organisation you’re working in.

But learn how to balance push with pull and you’ll become more productive, efficient and have the energy stored ready for those times when you’ve no choice but to push hard.

Here are three Formidable tips for making things happen by creating a pull:

  1. Create a sense of urgency

By creating a sense of urgency you’re helping to galvanise action in those around you. Identify any pressing deadlines and communicate a compelling case for why things cannot continue in the same way as before. This helps to create a ‘burning platform’ which can be useful in spurring others into taking action in a way that pushing alone can fail to achieve.

  1. Understand their wants and needs, and look for a mutual win

If you’ve failed to convince someone to support you, it might be because they have not recognised the benefit to them. After all, we’re all busy and unless we can see the point to something, we’re unlikely to give it head space. Do your research to help you understand what’s in it for them and look for win-win opportunities that will help draw them to you.

  1. Build your magnetism

Some companies never have to push their products. Their brand and reputation are so strong they’re practically magnetic. You can harness this power yourself by building your ‘brand’ in an organisation. Work on being known as someone others want to work with: share success with those around you, show your gratitude, and make sure you help people out in return.

I’d love to hear your tips for creating a pull. How do you balance push vs pull?