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    So, I’ll start. I’m Bekah and I live near Portsmouth, England. I’m currently working as a business change manager for a utilities company and I’m passionate about soft skills development. Work used to be a real challenge for me. I found it difficult to shine, especially around strong characters. I was pretty shy and struggled to speak up. I hated the office politics and generally found work pretty stressful.

    My biggest break through came when I realised the managers I admired – who seemed to be so slick and confident – had just learnt the power of soft skills. As soon as I made a concious effort to develop these skills myself, work got a whole lot easier and I started earning a whole lot more money too! Of course, I’m still learning, and this site is all about creating a community of individuals who can share skills so that together we are formidable!

    Bekah x0

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