Get. It. Done.

Feeling overwhelmed? So much to do and don’t know where to start? Worried you’re not going to get it all done? Writing a ‘to do’ list is a great place to start. Prioritising the list and scheduling the tasks will help make sure you get it all done.

  1. Write down everything you need to do
    Writing things down helps to clear your mind and re-gain control. Break large tasks down into sub-tasks by unpicking each task into the smallest possible actions that need to be done. Make sure you include a verb e.g. ‘write’, ‘read’, ‘call’; doing so will ensure your to do list is as clear and useful as possible.
  1. Prioritise the list
    Prioritise the tasks by assigning those that must be completed first a ‘1’ down to ‘6’ for the least important.
  1. Schedule the tasks in your diary
    Heard the saying ‘eat that frog’? Schedule the worst tasks for the beginning of the day to get them out the way. Group similar tasks together, such as making calls, or emailing. Schedule the most complex tasks for times of the day when you are most alert – avoiding the post-lunch slump.