How to get noticed at work (in a good way!)

“People need love and we know this in relation to children. I mean if a parent were to say to a child, “Look, I’m a bit busy at the moment, but can I just give you some money?” Well, first it might be fun, but eventually the child will go, ‘This parent doesn’t love me, all they are giving me is cash.’ Yet that’s how employers work and I think to some extent we need to remember we are creatures who, yes, we need the money, but we kind of need the love as well, pretty strongly.” Alain De Botton in Collective Hub magazine, October 2016.

The end of last week at work I was feeling pretty down. I couldn’t put my finger on why until I read this quote.

I’m getting paid, but not feeling the love.

Someone once told me that we all need to feel understood and valued; and whilst my manager certainly does, working in a large organisation means we can all too often feel unseen. Particularly by those at the top.

I’m a big believer that pretty much anything is within our gift to fix, so it’s got me thinking about what I can do.

  1. Offer to help a colleague with a project in return for increased visibility to directors. Of course, this will mean a temporary increase in workload and longer hours, but then the just-enough-ers aren’t going to make it to the top.
  2. Recognise others and look for ways to help them raise their profile. After all, often if we feel we are not getting something, it’s because we are not giving enough of it ourselves.
  3. Talk to a mentor or colleague to get feedback on what I can do differently. Perhaps there are some quick-wins that have escaped my attention.
  4. Share an experience through organising a lunch time talk or publishing a case study for colleagues.
  5. Identify an issue and offer to come up with a solution. There are always opportunities to find a better way. And what better way to show my potential.