How to overcome your fears and start to lead

I believe we all have what it takes to be leaders, and that for many of us, achieving our business or career goals means embracing our inner leader and developing our own authentic leadership style.

For many of us, stepping up as a leader is terrifying though. Standing up in front of a crowd (whether that’s online or in the ‘real world’), having a point of view, delegating work…all are fraught with fears we have to step through. I think this is particularly true for women. So many of us were rewarded as children for being good girls. For keeping quiet and doing as we were told. For not being bossy or a show off. As leaders we’re required to put ourselves in the limelight; to inspire and delegate. Yet this feels a little too close to bossy and show off-y. It can be really difficult to make this transition.

But, if you’re anything like me, you’ll know how uncomfortable it is to have the tension between wanting to play big, to have the business or career of your dreams, and this wall of fear that is holding us back from it.

Here’s my free podcast on how to start overcoming your fears and developing your Leadership Mindset.

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